The Creatress Project

The Creatress is the embodiment of Lakshmi’s grace. She is radiating the Shakti energy and Saraswati’s purity. She dances with Kali’s passion and is gifted with the wisdom of Hecate. She is the one who is simultaneously feared and worshipped for her enigmatic nature.

The Creatress Project germinated in musical venues and on scorching streets of Aphrodite’s birth place, Cyprus. I embarked on an adventure of finding the divine feminine in female artists who are eager to raise their voices and talk about the magic and challenges of life, womanhood, creation and inspiration. They are women who allow their power to emerge through vulnerability whether in conversation or in front of the camera.

The women whom I have met and photographed showed to be willing to defy the male gaze, provoke and rise as goddesses on stage, on paper or on canvas. Majestic women whose work’s motives are to share alternative forms of bliss, love, death, sorrows and self-empowerment while moving through life creatively, no matter the challenges.

With my camera, I am to be a noninvasive entity, like a fly on a wall in a state of non-judgmental observation, softly glimpsing into the creatress’ life in a non-voyeuristic way. With my writing I attempt to recreate the Creatress’ voice and the atmosphere that she emanated at the moment of our encounter.

With my journalistic-creative project, I aim to capture the Creatress in her essence. I also lay an emphasis on sexual, cultural and ethnic diversity with the aim of connecting and sharing experiences as well as tales of encouragement.

These women celebrate light, darkness and the natural cycle of creation and destruction. They showed me a rawness I have never experienced before and each one of them took me on a different journey, whether through their work or with their speech.”