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Of complex and unique essence, Sonia’s authentic work and her androgynous persona are spellbinding to anyone who crosses the creatress’ path. The paintings that she produces  are a symphonious dance of colours, forms and blanks while also being filled with philosophical speculations that challenge the audience’s understanding of art and the social being.

“I consider myself a work in progress. I am trying to live in the here and now which helps me to meet a variety of people. I watch people closely and then I watch myself and take note of my reactions to them. Later, I sink into contemplation and I  express all that I have gathered through observations on a piece of paper or on a canvas. Basically, relationships and personal experiences are my biggest influences. Delving deep into myself in order to answer questions that I have about life and about myself is what has helped me in my personal-development and this is all that I’m striving towards. I want to become a good person and help others that’s when I’ll be worth acquiring the title of an artist.”

Sonia’s creative journey has been an adventurous rollercoaster ride. From a young age she has been fascinated with themes such as humanity and the lack of it, the animalistic nature of the human and the monstrosity that is embedded in people’s emotions. For her, change and motion lead to evolution and finally to self-realisation. “I’ve  always stuck to my own established basis while going through different themes and techniques of painting and drawing but I don’t believe in the static nature of creation, it is deadening! Just like it is in our everyday lives.”

Originally from a Romanian family, the young woman was born and raised in Luxembourg before embarking on a journey of self-discovery in Toulouse, South of France, where she currently resides. As a teenager, the young woman projected questions about life and human nature onto her canvases. She created paintings of different shapes and colours with voices of their own. Later her paint brushes became vehicles towards resolution of past traumas and the reworking of her consciousness. Like a writer who engages in stream of consciousness, Sonia likes instinctive creating, she never drafts nor plans her paintings but instead goes with the flow of creativity and the pure awareness that arises whenever she is confronted with her emotional mirror, which is the canvas.

“I never know when a piece is finished unless it tells me. I stop painting once there is nothing more to say and the piece acquires a soul of its own. It’s funny how at first the canvas is a field of confrontation. It’s challenging in every way, it shows the ugliness and the beauty of life but it also points me into directions I ought to take and it never fails me.” 

With her curiosity about the most simple aspects of life, Sonia manages to answer the biggest questions of life with the help of creativity. Her previous work focused on her increasing awareness of the self and it is currently progressing into the awareness of the collective.

Check out her paintings and drawings on :



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